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, Africa’s most impacted countries: South Africa hits 100,000 mark

Africa’s most impacted countries: South Africa hits 100,000 mark

Every county in Africa has recorded a case of coronavirus. Lesotho being the last and Egypt being the first as early as February 14, 2020.

The rate of steady and in some places speedy spread has been a cause for concern for the WHO Africa office and other public health experts. More so for a region that has resource challenges riddling a largely bogged down health sector.

Experts continue to advocate mass testing as cases of local transmission grow in a number of countries. Most countries are lifting lockdowns and reopening economies, but curfews and ban on gatherings remain some places to combat spread and improve containment of confirmed cases.

This article looks at a periodic growth of cases across the continent, focusing on statistics from the most impacted country per regional bloc. Using metrics of number of cases, recoveries and deaths.

Most impacted nations per region (as of June 23):

Southern Africa = South Africa; 101,590 cases, 1,991 deaths, 53,444 recoveries
East Africa = Sudan; 8,698 cases, 533 deaths, 3,460 recoveries
West Africa = Nigeria; 20,919 cases, 525 deaths, 7,109 recoveries
Central Africa = Cameroon; 12,041 cases, 308 deaths, 7,740 recoveries

North Africa = Egypt; 56,809 cases, 2,278 deaths, 15,133 recoveries

Major African stats: June 23 at 7:30 GMT:

Confirmed cases = 315,380
Active cases = 156,447
Recoveries = 150,594

Number of deaths = 8,339

The basic records are referenced from the John Hopkins hospital LIVE portal, we also corroborate figures with African Union’s Africa Centers for Disease Control, Africa CDC whiles prioritizing tallies from trusted national sources.

The classifications are based on where the countries are located especially in the case of countries that belong to two different blocs.

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